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What is EdisonCoin?

EdisonCoin is the future of secured innovation incubation. Mentoring Inventor groups and Original Business Concept developments with experienced adoption, support, guidance and a point source of capital assistance.
We Provide a streamlined platform to bring viable ideas to market through proven processes with a seasoned core team and successful advisers comprised of investors, marketers, and entrepreneurs.
The EdisonCoin team will assist throughout the entire process, from core idea to fruition including our Proprietary Evaluation, Assessment and Implementation Method. The EDIC coin is the operating & functional ’fuel’ for this modern day friendly, scalable, ’Shark Tank’. With EdisonCoin, opportunities for both sides are available to a wider audience.


Our Projects

We have created SportsPutting; it’s the only company to combine the four major sports: golf, football, basketball and baseball. Our Games are: BirdZone, GridZone, HoopZone and DiamondZone. All of our versions are the perfect size. It only takes seconds to roll out our 3×12 or 1.5×12 putting green mat and the game of your choice is ready to be played. Each of our games takes less than 10 minutes to play. And  we’ve added a new and unique twist to all of our games. You can Putt a golf ball, or toss our custom bean bags for scoring!

Tiny Town is a master-planned tiny home residential area that is unlike any other! Tiny Town offers fractional-ownership of the estate, allowing residents the ability to own their Tiny Home and the property it’s on. This eco-friendly and communal neighborhood project allows residents to “Live Small & Dream Big!”

miteevape colorized

It is often quoted that if the bees die off, humans will quickly follow. Enemy #1 is the Varroa Mite, this little devil can render a hive dead in a matter of a few days. Treating hives for Varroa Mites is expensive and cumbersome. Beekeeper and Family man Chris Wood has the solution. An engineer by trade, Chris invented the Mite E Vapor, compact, fast, efficient and affordable. Reduces costs of treating a hive from $4-$10 to less than a Quarter, ($.25), and unit cost is 1/3 of the competition.


Hill Country Royalty Partners are an investment group that holds years of expertise in the fields of Mineral Interest and Royalty Interest Investments. With this broadly diversified investment group, you can reap the rewards of land and mineral incomes without the risk of operating expenses and drilling costs.


OPER8 is an all-inclusive business software that is designed to help small business owners take back control of their company. From Archiving, to employee and document management, and even personalized cloud storage, OPER8 has every solution your small business needs to succeed.


Create an Internal Platform for Idea Incubation

EdisonCoin platform itself harnesses the new realization of Blockchain’s natural ’true liberty’ release of new ideas of invention, drawing from the beauty of Blockchain to prove the proofs, of narrow high-value data elements. Blockchains, of course, are the antithesis of ’Big Data’and the Coin as the provable unique value, itself, can release many serious and high-value new ideas/IP.It not only has the power to discipline and reliably offer value incentives to global compute for the next generation of AI systems, it also acts as the lateral thought to see other high scale applications.

Offer a Public Blockchain Immutable Record of Patent Pending IP

EdisonCoin team has a core hub of experience of how the existing world of IP can benefit from open ledger Blockchain technology to assist in proof of record of the idea as a legal feed into existing multi-jurisdictional Patent Office processes. To explore the release of value beyond licensing for existing Patents that individuals and Corporations hold as ’static’Assets; Such ’Asset’ either as FTs or NTFs (Fungible or non-fungible Coin representation), has tremendous potential for the EdisonCoin platform.

Grow the Next Generation of Inventors

EdisonCoin LLC’s philanthropic drive and ideals of stimulating the next generation of young inventors is a goal held by many in the group.Often a different way of seeing reality, is a frame of reference ’shifting’- this lateral thinking approach is what the next generation excel at; When stimulated, nurtured and supported - which is the EdisonCoin philosophy.The Mastermind set of Advisers and Core Founding team at EdisonCoin LLC have a great opportunity to extend this platform to the younger generation.

Become the Global Incubator

As global decentralization trends continue in Technology and the ’release’ of new ideas from Inventor Groups across all Patent Office jurisdictions, we will see platforms arise to assist ideas to meet the Marketplace; EdisonCoin is one of the first of these global platform mediums to select, nurture and guide scalable, serious value-adding ideas to life.

Listed on Multiple Respected Exchanges

Ongoing research and such decision will derive from our focus on the function of the model, its purpose and which exchange, for the value of listing, reputation, security and liquidity will be suited to EDIC for the times ahead. Initial goals are to list on Binance.com and Bancor Network.

Valuation Potential

EDIC as a leading Coin representing serious Project/IP ideas will grow a branding value over time. Thus complementing its platform launch value; This additional functional intrinsic value component will be created through the integrity of the model, ongoing organic online/offline growth,quality multi-media Marketing and its operational reputation.A platform that delivers in a fashion greater than the sum of its parts.

Supported by Global Partners

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Meet the EdisonCoin Team

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